Sunday, April 17, 2011

Great Scrapbook and Photography Resource - LIMITED TIME OFFER

I have been a member of Al's site for several years, and it just keeps getting better and better!
The regular price for membership is quite a deal, but when Al offers a special price, it is EVEN BETTER!
Here is a note from Al:

Hello Everyone!

First off, thank you for your support through the years. ActionFx has been online for 12 years now... something I would not have thought possible at the beginning.
This is due to you and your interest in my work... thank you so much.

There are some things in the works I want to bring to your attention. First off please note the message at the top of the amin page ( page. I've added a renewal/extension discount
for the next 3 days for ActionFx current and former members. Also a new membership is discounted. These are soon going away, so please take advantage of them now.

On to the news:

ActionFx is about to undergo a major face lift. I know I've mentioned this in the past, but it is finally becoming a reality. With the new website come a few things
people have been asking for:

Search capabilities
More Training
Streamlined Navigation
Expanded Photography Section
Expanded Digital Scrapbooking section
Products on CD/DVD
Much Much More...

Along with the new launch the downloads area will be expanding to over 500,000 Photoshop and Elements presets and tools. This will affect Photorgaphers, Digital Scrappers,
Elements users, web designers... the works.

Also many more written tutorials and a request line where you can ask for things from me personally. I've found that if one person requests something, there are usually dozens
more who wanted the same thing but didn't ask.

There are other projects I'm working on that will directly and indirectly affect the website and members. I'll keep you abreast of these as they approach their launch dates.

I encourage those of you who have found the website useful to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the discounts. The price WILL increase this week, and will increase considerably when the new
website is live. The extensions/renewals discount is the lowest I've ever offered... my way of saying thank you for your years of support.
Again, you may join/renew or extend HERE.

Thanks again everyone. I'm back to rebuilding the website so we can get this off the ground as soon as possible. :)


So, you'd better hurry and sign up or renew today!


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