Friday, February 10, 2012

The Result Are In - Wishes To Be Granted!

As I posted at Divine Digital:

Today 5 lucky people will receive something from my store for FREE!!! will help me select these people and their Wish List Gifts!

So, if you haven't updated your Wish List lately, make sure you do before 2 PM Eastern (US) time today (Friday, February 10).
I'll be holding the drawing about 2:30 PM.[

Please note that bundles are excluded (but you can still have them on your list) and only RoseMadeDesigns products currently in the store are eligible.

Make your list by browsing my boutique

The results are in!!!

The first 5 people on this list have earned an item on their wish lists!
bumblebee is also a winner because this name was left out of the generator. I am so sorry!

And, this is the item number they will receive! (If there are less than this number on the list, they will receive the next smallest number - i.e. Someone with three items will receive #3 on the list.)

The winners should contact me by Divine Digital PM by 3 PM Eastern Time Sunday so that I know they are still interested in the item. It is possible this item has already been purchased. If all of the winners do not contact me, I will award the spots in order to the remaining people on the list.

You can see the Divine Digital forum post here:

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