Monday, April 09, 2012

Par-TEA Facebook Freebie!

I have a freebie posted for everyone who Likes my Facebook page!

You can click the image above or go HERE to get to my page.

Since the Timeline feature has begun, it's a little confusing finding the gifts, but maybe this will help.
Once you get to my page, look for the My Tab - Gifts for Fans icon that is just under my cover image.
Click on it and you will go to another page.
If you already Like my page, you should see the alpha preview and a (tiny) download link under it.  If you do not yet Like my page, just click the Like icon at the top and then the page should refresh and reveal the image and link.

Here's an image to get you started. I am sorry it is so small.  Blogger resized it.

I hope this helps.
I'll be posting more freebies here and at Divine Digital a little later today.


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