Friday, June 29, 2007

Scrap Saturday 6/30

It's almost time for another Scrap Saturday! For all the members of my Yahoo group, I will have this little freebie kit tomorrow. It has 4 papers, a piece of note paper, a piece of twill tape and two cute steel elements! You have to be a member of my group to get this freebie. The address is on the preview...
or you can use the link on the right side of the page.

And, for those of you who have been scrolling down hoping to find the password to the Rose it is: 5rose3.

Just Rambling,



Shell said...

Sorry to keep filling your email box but this is just sooooooooo stinkin cute. Love the lil metal plane & bike. Thanks so much Marcee you're a peach of a gal.

Sheri said...

Rose thank you so much hun...I love reading your blog and I adore your style..cant wait until tomorrows freebie..everything you do for us is truly appreciated...have a great weekend..huggies...Sheri

@lilibollero said...

hi i am in your group... but i dont understand how we get this beautiful freebie!

@lilibollero said...

Marcee, i really have a doubt about the link of these saturday freebie.
I am already in your yahoo group and i really like it!
but i dont understand how to get it. please explain me?
and by the way the wednesday add on girls is just for who buy something or not?
I really love it too.
you know, i really love your kits but if i buy everything i will be broken - lol =)