Saturday, June 28, 2008

Freebie and Super Saver Saturday June 28th!

I've had this blog for a while now, and I realize that I haven't really done much "blogging" in the sense of writing and sharing. This is a little odd because writing is something that comes fairly naturally to me - I studied it in college and have two English degrees (okay, you can stop laughing now) - but sharing is not really me.

I am not a very social person. In fact, most people have found me to seem "stuck-up" when they first meet me because I don't talk a lot in social situations when I don't know people. I am a lot better now than when I was younger. My mom could not get me away from a book long enough to say hello to visiting family. I am also not good at talking on the phone. I really don't like it - never have - except for the brief periods when I had crushes on boys. I could talk to them for hours...LOL. And, with my friends and most family I will talk...some might think too much.

So, I have made it a personal goal to try to share something every once in a while. I would like to once a week, but I know that won't happen - LOL - life is too busy. But, at least you will know I am trying.

Here is today's tale...
Every morning one of my children - I am not saying which one - gets up before everyone else. This child prepares breakfast at exactly 6 AM every day because that is the earliest house rules will allow it (due to the noise creating breakfast usually makes). I am usually up about 5:30. Today was no different. I hear this crashing and clanking coming from the kitchen - more than the usual noise level...I go to investigate (mind you, this is BEFORE coffee).
I ask, "What is all that noise?"
The child looks at me and says, "I was putting the dishes away."
Now, normally this would be a cause for rejoicing in any household...a kid actually helping out without being asked. But, no, not in my house, and NOT this morning because as is typical - when my kids help out on a volunteer basis, it usually means they are doing it horribly wrong.
Don't get me wrong. I love them all, but I'm not sure how my skull hasn't exploded yet.

So, I look at the child - take away the coffee mug about to go onto the shelf - and say, "But, these dishes aren't clean. The dishwasher did not run. Can't you tell they aren't clean?!?!??" Apparently those really expensive glasses do not give one the ability to see dried mac-n-cheese or coffee stains on ordinary household items. Sigh.
So, as I listen to the hum of my dishwasher, I present to you my great deals for Super Saver Saturday today at DigibyDesign!

It is my Alisa Collection - all of it is on sale for 50% OFF today ONLY - June 28th!

I've created a matching freebie for you. Here's a cute sticker alphas and some flowers and flower clips.
This freebie has been retired.
Talk to you soon!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tea for Tuesday Chat - June 24th - 2 PM ET

This week's chat has the lovely and feminine Forget Me Not by Acorn Designs as the featured kit.
You can get this kit for 50% OFF (for just $3.50) TODAY ONLY!!!

Find the Forget Me Not kit here in the store:

If you attend the chat on Tuesday at 2 PM ET, you will receive a freebie attendance gift!

If you submit a qualifying layout for the challenge, you will receive this freebie posting gift:

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Freebie and Manic Monday Chat Today 2 PM ET

Because today is Manic Monday Chat day, I have a little freebie for you...It matches the featured kit, Betsy...which is 25% off until June 30th.
This kit will then retire on June 30th, and it will be GONE, GONE, GONE!

Join us at 2 PM ET in the Deco-Pages Chat Room for a fun chat.

You can see the kit here in the store:

This kit has been retired.

The discount price will show when you put the kit in your cart.

You can earn these attendance and posting gifts for coming to the chat and posting a layout:

Here is Part 1 of the matching freebie. Just click the image to go to the download.

If you would like Part 2 of this freebie go here:

The Part 2 Freebie has been retired.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Super Saver Saturday Freebie!

You should know what Saturday means by now!
More great kits for 50% off at DigibyDesign! This Saturday, June 21st, I have 2 awesome masculine kits on sale for you for $3.25 and $3.00! These are just what you need for all of those Father's Day layouts you are still working on and wonderful for all of your graduating gentlemen. The images are linked to the kits in the store, so just click 'em to get more details.

First we have Luke - a blend of blue, tan and grey with heaps of manly elements:

The second 50% off kit is Matthew...a grungy mix of green and brown...look at all that cool metal!

And, I also have a freebie for you! Here is a little quick page I made from the Matthew kit and the AddOn kit. I have a 12x12 and an 8x8-inch page in the file...sorry if you scrap rectangles (you might be able to resize it). I'll try to make some of those soon.

This freebie has been retired.

PSSSSSST - Because of the sale you can actually get both the Matthew kit and the Luke kit for the price of just 1 of the kits - so it's like buying Matthew at full price and getting Luke for free (or vice versa))...well, buy both on sale is $6.25...the regular price of Luke is $6.50 and Matthew is $6.00. You get the idea, though!


Friday, June 20, 2008 Last!

My design friends all know that I hardly ever have time to actually create layouts of my own because I spend so much time designing...but I thought I would pull out a few of my favorites to show you. So, these are my proof that I do sometimes get a chance to scrap.

This was for a challenge listing 10 things...I thought I would share some odd stuff about myself.

Kit is Ophelia by RoseMadeDesigns
Fonts are Arial and Mom's Typewriter
Stitching Action by Atomic Cupcake
Here is the rosebud playing the grass, just having a great time pulling it out and looking at it.

Kit used is Backyard Explorer by RoseMadeDesigns

These are the big cats at the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo. It was sooooo hot. I felt awful for them, but they still made gorgeous photos for this layout.

Kit used is Matthew by Rose MadeDesigns (on sale Saturday at DigibyDesign)

Template by Michelle Swadling - Font is CK Good Dog (lol)

Stitching Action by Atomic Cupcake - Felt Action by Tandika Star

I hope to have more soon. I made some nice quick pages today that I hope to scrap with, and I have tons of challenges I want to do myself - including the 3 I run...LOL.

Have a great day!


Tradition Part 2 freebie - Papers

As promised, I have the second half of tradition for you! I'll be leaving Part 1 up for a short while longer, so if you missed it...scroll down. Today you get the papers!!!!

I'll have a few more freebies later today and's another 50% off SuperSaturday Sale at DigibyDesign tomorrow -- I have some masculine kits on sale!

This freebie has been retired.
See you later today! Thanks for leaving all the wonderful comments here and on 4shared!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Freebie...Sale News...Club Deco Garden Party

I just wanted to remind everyone that my kit retirement sale is still on at Deco-Pages until June 30th! I have over 40 items like this kit - Spring Blossom - on sale for up to 50% off! After June 30th, you will not find these kits for any price.

You can find Spring Blossom here at
Don't forget to snag the matching quick pages and addon kit, too (they are also going to be retired!).
I made a matching freebie for you today. It has 6 background papers, 2 flowers, 1 bow, 1 frame and 1 glitter flower border. All these pieces coordinate with the Spring Blossom kit, so you can use them all together.

You also have just a few more days to join Club Deco and get this wonderful MEGA kit created by the Deco-Pages Design Team. This preview shows just a very small part of the kit you will get for free with your membership this month. This month's kit is 1.4 GB....yes, that is GIGAbytes!!!! Every month the designers create such wonderful goodies for the Club Deco members. And, this is not all you get.

You also get exclusive FREEBIES, FREE monthly color challenge kits and 10% off your Deco-Pages store purchases!!! It's a great deal for just $36.00 a year or 3 months for just $15.00! Can you get just a MEGA kit anywhere for $3.00????? And, if that was all you got, that would still be a steal! And, I am just one of over a dozen designers contributing to this month's kit. On July 1st, all of the designers will be selling their Garden Party kits individually - but getting them all could cost over $ annual membership is less than that!

Here is my contribution to this month's kit: 5 backgrounds, 4 flowers, 3 lace ribbons, 3 lace bows and 3 big brads AND 2 quick pages - could you even get just this much for $3.00??? I don't think so!

Find out all about Club Deco here:

Spring Blossom 2 Freebie has been retired.

Tradition Part 2 will be up tomorrow, so don't forget to check back! And, the Victoria Addon will be taken down soon, so be sure to get it.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tradition Freebie Part 1

I have a new freebie for you...but I am going to give it to you in 2 parts - hehehe.

This is a little mini kit called Tradition.

And, if you like it you can get some matching stuff if you join in my monthly challenges at and in July.

Don't forget to come back soon and get the second half of this mini kit!

This freebie has been retired.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Freebie & Retirement Sale!!!!

You have just a couple of weeks left to get some great deals on kits that will be retired from my Deco-Pages store on June 30th.

You can save up to 50% on over 40 items!

I have a freebie that matches one of the retirement kits...Victoria I.

You can find all of my Deco-Pages kits here:

Sale prices are already marked. I have some new items on sale, too! 25% off for a limited time!

This freebie has expired.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tea for Tuesday - Freebie and Chat - 2 PM ET June 17 @ DigibyDesign

This week's chat has perfecto Pink by RoseMadeDesigns as the featured kit.
You can get this kit for 50% OFF (for just $3.25) TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY ONLY!!!

Find the Perfecto Pink kit here in the store:

If you attend the chat on Tuesday at 2 PM ET, you will receive a freebie attendance gift!

The password for the chat gift will be given out sometime during the first 30 minutes of the chat ONLY. The chat gift zip will be given out later in the chat.

If you submit a qualifying layout for the challenge, you will receive this freebie posting gift:

We hope to see you in the DigibyDesign Chat Room at 2 PM ET on June 17th!

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Freebies & Super Saver Saturday!

It's Saturday, so that means a great selection of kits are on sale at DigibyDesign!

I have 2 kits on sale for 50% off today only - Leda and Misty!



I have 2 freebies for you today - both match kits on sale today (June 14th) for the Super Saver Saturday Sale!
The first is the Leda Blog Gift (scroll down for the link):

And, the second is the Misty Blog Gift and you can get it in the DigbyDesign forum. You need to post a reply to see the download link in the thread.

I hope you enjoy these gifts, and don't forget to grab the great kits on sale today only!!!!


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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

It's time for another Wacky Wednesday Chat at DigibyDesign!
This week Orchid Bliss is the featured kit, and it is 50% off today!!!
This is another kit in the Color Jam series, and it is full of purples and blues and touches of soft cocoa with soft silver accents. Find it here:

For attending the chat at 9 PM ET June 11th, you will receive this attendance gift. A mini kit that matches Orchid Bliss - 5 papers and 5 elements.

For posting a layout for the chat challenge, you will receive this posting gift - another mini kit!

We hope to see you at the chat at 9 PM Wednesday, June 11th in the DigibyDesign Chat Room.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tea for Tuesday Chat - 2 PM ET - June 10th

I have a fabulous summer-themed kit featured for a great chat today at DigibyDesign.

Today is the Tea for Tuesday Chat, and Cool Azul is the featured kit.
It will be 50% off Tuesday and Wednesday only - just $3.25!
This is the perfect kit for all of those beach layouts - but it is versatile enough for other pages, too!
You can find it here:

If you attend the chat today - June 10th - at 2 PM ET, you will receive this attendance gift. You need to be present during the first 30 minutes of the chat to receive the unzipping password.

If you submit a layout for the chat challenge, you will earn this posting gift. You do not have to attend the chat to participate in the challenge. You can use the featured kit for your layout - and it's such a great deal, why not?

Chat details can be found here:

I look forward to seeing you at the chat!


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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Freebie - 50% Off

It's time for Super Saver Saturday at DigibyDesign!

I have Sweet Summer and Sweet Summer Gingham on sale for 50% off today only!
Sweet Summer is just $2.50 and Sweet Summer Gingham is only $3.00!

I also have a couple of freebies for you to match these kits.

You can find Sweet Summer 2 part 1 here:

This freebie has expired.

This freebie has expired.

Enjoy, but do not redistribute these files or share this link! These are for personal use only.


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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Freebie & Tea for Tuesday Chat - June 3 - 2 PM ET

It's time for another Tea for Tuesday Chat at DigibyDesign!

The featured kit today is Sassy Molassy...a great collection of peach and brown and tan.

Not everything is shown in the preview. The kit has 12 background papers and over 50 elements. It is about 140 MB.

And, it is ON SALE FOR 50% OFF today and tomorrow only - just $3.00!

You can find it here at DigibyDesign:

If you attend our chat today, you can receive this attendance gift - Part 1 of Sassy Molassy 2! This file will have a password that will only be given out during the first 30 minutes of the chat, so come early to get a good seat!

For posting a qualifying layout for the challenge, you will get this posting gift - Part 2 of the Sassy Molassy 2 kit!

I have this freebie for you! It is a mini kit that matches all the Sassy Molassy stuff!

This freebie has expired.



Images and links have been removed since the DigibyDesign store has closed.