Sunday, January 18, 2009

Buy My Store!

I have a great deal on all of my Commercial Use and Personal/S4H items at Digital Scrap Designs. You can get EVERYTHING for just $15.00!!! I just put in 5 new items today.

You can find it here:

See all of my products here:

When you purchase this deal, you will get a 1-time-use coupon that lets you get any of my items for no cost - and the coupon is good until February 5th, so you can wait until I am done adding items this weekend.

This fabulous offer is only good until the end of January, though. Who knows when you will see a deal like this again? At this price, everything is less than 46 cents each!!!!

Here is just a small sampling:

I know you will love this deal...just the items pictured here would cost more than $15.00 to buy without this Buy My Store promotion.

Here's that link again:

Have a great day!

Marcee (RoseMadeDesigns)

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