Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday Mystery Kits #3 & #4 Revealed!

Did you miss the Monday Mystery #3 and #4 kits?
Do you want to know what you could have purchased for just $2.50?

These are the 2 kits that were available on special Monday, April 27th:

If you have wild kids that have a bold sense of adventure and a love of animals, this is the kit for you.
This kit is done in bright colors and fun patterns.

Animal Adventure contains the following items:
10 background papers
1 blue shirt
1 blue pair of shorts
2 boys
2 girls
4 wild animals (parrot, lion, monkey, and elephant)
2 stickers (magnifying glass, binoculars)
1 brad
3 binder clips
2 tags
2 ribbons
1 ribbon grass
2 buttons
1 compass
1 paw print
3 frames

Find Animal Adventure - for just $5.00 - at all of my stores:


Divine Digital


Created with more traditional colors, this addon kit works perfectly with the first Animal Adventures kit as a great tool for scrapping all of those pictures of your wild adventures.

Animal Adventure AddOn contains the following items:
10 background papers
1 tan shirt
1 tan pair of shorts
1 boy
4 animals (zebra, tiger, giraffe, alligator)
1 sticker (Safari word art)
3 binder clips
3 tags
3 ribbons
1 frame
3 buttons

Find Animal Adventures AddOn - for just $5.00 - at all of my stores:


Divine Digital


Enjoy your day!

Marcee (RoseMadeDesigns)

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