Thursday, December 14, 2006


I have finally found a few minutes to put up the full-size preview of Cozy Comfort for you. It looks kinda teeny in that sale graphic, doesn't it? I really like the palette of this kit - even though I am not a big fan of green. It has wonderful corduroy and felt textures (thanks to Tandika Star and Atomic Cupcake). There are lots of fun elements like mugs and a mitten!

Remember, you can get Cozy Comfort for FREE if you have one purchase of RoseMadeDesigns kits total $10.00 or more...and Frosty Fun is FREE if you purchase $25.00 worth of digital kits in the Deco-Pages store (by any designer).

But like Santa, this sale is done on December 24th. So, be sure to get in on this great deal before Christmas.

I've been battling a cold for about a week. I woke up this morning with the most delicious headache (yes, I'm trying a positive spin - LOL). So, I'm off to get thecoffee going and eat something and take some medicine, so I can function at work today. I have already taken two days off, and I really can't miss any more this close to the Winter Break.

Just Ramblin'


Kristen said...

The kit is Great...and i'm soooo sorry you haven't felt good...I know what it is little one has been sick too :( And heck with the holidays is just crazy! Hope you feel better soon!!!

jburkhart said...

Beautiful new kit! Love the warmth of the colors and the designs are lovely!

Hope you are feeling better now!