Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Actual Blog Post...Maybe...


I so rarely use my blog for actual blogging. With all the time I spend in front of a computer every day, I have no idea why. And, those two English degrees have to count for something.

So, I have been catching up on some things and letting other things slide...a lot. Some of my time lately has been taken up with catching episodes of tv shows via iTunes.
Hubby and I enjoy watching Mad Men, Top Chef, Survivor and The Walking Dead (yeah, I know...zombies...ewwww).

I am just wrapping up the first part of Season 2 of Stargate Universe today...and learned not only do I have to wait until "spring 2011" for more episodes, but also that the show has apparently been canceled. Ummmm, yeah, great...what?!?!

I will openly admit to being a tv junkie. I do have standards, but if there is a glowing flatscreen around, I'll at least stare at it for a few minutes if there is nothing else bright and blinky around...or my iPod needs recharging. So, I really hate it when I find a show I like and then some network makes it go poof. But, I suppose I can always drag out the Farscape DVDs.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season and a great 2011!

I am planning some more scrapbook freebies and some new things after the holidays, so get ready.


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