Saturday, September 09, 2006

Long Absence

Well, as I figured it has been a while since I posted anything...over a month, in fact. School has been very busy, and I have been creating some new kits and things for Deco-Pages members. I will be doing the October Color Challenge, so I've been trying to put together some really fabulous stuff for all who participate.
The school year is basically in full swing. It's a little rough around the are still learning their schedules and how to handle those big binders and planners. But, I have to admit, I'm not exactly having a smooth transition myself. It has been a busy summer, and fall is not looking any more tranquil - LOL.

I feel like posting a Freebie or I guess I will. Be on the lookout for them....COMING SOON!

Now, if anyone actually reads this...well, that would be a shock...but, please feel free to tell anyone to come and get the FREEBIES!!!

Just Ramblin'...

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