Sunday, October 01, 2006

Club Deco October Members' PTP Kit!!!

It's October 1st....and that means a new kit for Club Deco Members! Here is a preview collage of my contribution to the kit. You will not believe the size of this MEGA kit. It is really MEGA MEGA!!! The name is Autumn Expressions, and there are lots of fall and Thanksgiving goodies in this kit!

It is available for FREE to all Club Deco Members this month! Then it will be in the Deco-Pages Store. So, if you would like to get this awesome kit for FREE, just join Club Deco now! For a yearly fee of just $20.00 US, you will get a free MEGA kit just like this every month for a year...BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE...

You will also get lots of EXCLUSIVE FREEBIES from our designers, and these are NOT just little things. Club members have received things like full kits, quick pages, alphas and more just for being members! Plus, Club Deco members get our Color Challenge Starter kits for free! So, that kit I posted earlier...YUP...members get it for absolutely nothing extra!!!!

This membership is a SUPER deal at $20.00! How much would you pay for just 12 MEGA kits, anyway? It would be definitely be more than that - and you get a lot more!

Here's a layout I made with one of the Quick Pages I included in my kit creation for the PTP kit this month. I hope you come by Deco-Pages soon and check it out!

The kit should be up for members to download really soon!

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jburkhart said...

Hi Marcee......I finally got the chance to stop by and say HI! I need to add you to my blog roll, so I can chat more with ya! Great blog definitely is a great deal....hope to see lots of people join and enjoy all the great goodies!

You did a beautiful contribution to the Oct PTP kit...can't wait to play with it!


ithinkearthisheaven said...

good design . hmmm

GranRobbi said...

Hi Marcee, Love your new Blog....JburkhartScrapzone told me about it....thanks for sharin!
Been over to Deco and the Club Kits are absolutly beautiful.
Keep up the great work!

Vivarant said...

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Tamalita said...

You have been tagged!
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