Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Want a Fancy Blog!

I have been looking at some blogs (Traci Sims and Rina Kroes as well as SkyeScrapz), and they are all so nice and stylish. As much as I appreciate the free template I am's just not really what I want, so I hope to change the look of my blog soon. I did make a slide show, but I want it over on the right side along with some other stuff. I'm not sure if I should be playing around with the html, though. I know just enough of that to really make a mess. So, I'm sure this weekend I'll be searching for blogging for the new-to-blogging websites.

I also hope to get a freebie or two to you very soon!

Just Ramblin'


Saskia said...
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Carol said...

Your blog is WAY fancier then mine, let me know if you find any good tools, I have looked around at other blogs too, but I just haven't had time to do any updates. The slide show is a nice touch, was it hard to do?