Sunday, August 19, 2007

Heritage Kit Voting -- Metals

This is a little later than I planned, but I have some metals for you to vote on for use with the Heritage kit I am making for my blog readers.

These are some silver styles.

Here are some gold styles.And, these are copper styles.

Please vote in the polls set up on the right side of the blog (as soon as Blogger will let me set them up), but until then, leave a comment for this post containing this information:

Favorite overall style for the color palette: silver, gold, copper or a mixture
Favorite silver style: A, B, C, or D
Favorite gold style: A, B, C, or D
Favorite copper style: A, B, C, D

These are not necessarily the exact styles I will be using, but I wanted you to see what each of the three metal styles look like with the color palette.

Have a great day!


I will leave the polls open until Friday night, August 24th.


briggsy said...

I like all of them but do like Copper A.

makeyesup said...

Don't know if I will get a chance to check back later for the voting, so here's my picks.
Silver - C
Gold/Brass - D
Copper - A
It's difficult to choose, they are all so pretty.

Lynn said...

GOLD - B & D - just can't choose-lol

Anonymous said...

I think a combination of all would be nice.

Scrapcat4914 said...

I Love the copper!!!

jbjanso said...

the ones i love are silver C, Gold D, and Copper A

Anonymous said...

I love the
Silver C and the Copper A

mom2triplets04 said...

My vote

silver - A
Gold - B
Copper - A

Dane Ann said...

If you are wanting a truly "antique" look, then I would consider the following. The aged copper with the hint of the green coming through is ideal. I would stay away from anything glossy or polished. One thought I had was to possibly add Brushed Nickel or unpolished iron (but not to dark).

Silver: C
Gold/Brass: D
Copper: D

Okay, I'm done analyzing. LOL

scrap-genie said...

Overall style for the color palette: copper (maybe with the top color from silver)
-silver style: C
-gold style: B or D
-copper style: A (but wish for a more aged look, but not as far as D) said...

Here's my picks in the order I like

Gold B & D
Silver A & D
Copper A & D

Donna said...

may2750MY vote--
silver- A
copper- A
They all look great tho
Donna (jd55057)

Astrid said...

I like silver C
gold d
copper A

I hope this helps
Thanks for showing

withnuts said...

I like a mixture of the metals. The ones I like best in each category are:

Silver - A
Gold - B
Copper - A

Lanna said...

Great job...congrat's